What Makes a Teddy Bear Sexy?

What Makes a Teddy Bear Sexy?

If you are looking for the perfect gift to help that special someone in your life Do Naughty Nicely. You may have considered purchasing a sexy teddy bear for them. But you may not have associated teddy bears with Sexiness before. So…

What makes a teddy bear sexy? Let’s take a look..

1. Cuteness

We tend to find certain things to be adorable and cute. Teddy bears fall into that category. In fact, there is science behind why people are inherently drawn to cuteness. This comes from the biological urge to like human babies¹, which leads to our love of cute baby animals as well. Your naughty teddy bear is about the size of a bear cub, meaning that the cuteness factor is freely at play. Your special someone won’t be able to resist its little ears and plush fur.


Yes, we just made up a word. Everyone loves something soft. In fact, softness is just plain sexy. Your significant other will adore their sexy teddy bear and love the way the soft fur feels when they are cuddling it. In fact, if you catch that special someone squeezing their sexy teddy bear extra tight, it is likely because stuffed animals are associated with comfort and safety². There’s nothing sexier than feeling protected.

3. A Reminder of You

Perhaps more important than anything else, that naughty teddy bear you get for your partner will serve as a reminder of you. You thought about them and got them a nice surprise. This is something they’ll think fondly about whenever they look at the teddy bear. When you’re gone on a trip, or in a long distance relationship, they may even hug their bear extra tight, letting it hold your place until you return. Things are special when they are given in meaningful situations so send one to that sexy someone to hold a place in their heart forever.

Naughty Teddy Bear Extras*

While normal teddy bears are sexy in an adorable and nostalgic way, Sexy teddy bears bring a little more to the table. When your gift arrives, it will be carefully packaged in an elegant way with silk flower petals, nice smelling scents, and a special little *“Beara Sutra” book that will give that sexy someone lots of ideas of how to celebrate with sexiness.

So What Makes a Teddy Bear Sexy?

Whether that sexy someone loves their naughty teddy bear for its cuteness, cuddle-ability, because it reminds them of you, or due to the sexy extras, what ultimately makes it the sexiest is that… You Cared To Send It.   

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² https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/relationships-love/a26015926/adults-stuffed-animals/


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