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‘Naught’ your average Bear. The Naughty Bear™ is a provocative plush Teddy Bear for adults, which flaunts a cheeky greeting, saucy saying or risqué message printed on a silk-screened sweater, to taunt and tease with erotic euphemisms. Offering suggestive directives, our teddies are kinky, cute, and oh-so cuddly gifts that suggestively set the mood for physical intimacy. They’re the sexier, friskier alternatives to flowers and chocolate.

The Naughty Bear is a 15” Inch plush Teddy, accompanied with Satin Rose Petals, a wearable enamel Naughty Bear pin, and the Beara Sutra ™ handbook! 😉 The Beara Sutra™, an arousing, flirtatious, and charming, updated 3rd Century A.D. version of the ancient classic Indian Sanskrit manual of  How-To erotic sexual positions – the Karma Sutra. Featuring a cartooned grizzly couple (and Thruple) and rendered in over 100 Sexy positions. The illustrations are funny, titillating, and frisky without being crass or vulgar, as the Bears have no Genetalia or fingers but… are all Smiles! This illustrated guidebook is poised to excite, entice, arouse naughty behavior, and inspire*. 🔥

We can't please everyone, so we hope it's not problematic, so...

Express your feelings in a Bold, Adorable, Affectionate, yet Naughty way!

Unlike Valentine’s Day, Express your Naughtiness year-round.

The Naughty Bear… Send one to that Sexy Someone!

*If there is too much Inspiration, please refer to our “Hold Harmless” clause. Sadly, our attorney keeps remind us.😩

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