• You will get Lucky! 👍

Can we say… Bear-Chica-Bow-Wow. *

  • The Receiver will require your participation for #23, #52, or #75 (See, Beara Sutra™ corresponding pages). * 🤔...😍
  • She may leave her Boyfriend for you. * 😲
  • You may get stalked! * 🙃 🕵️‍♀️

*Again, we don’t know if these are a negative, but don’t blame us. We told you.

If you still don’t understand, please refer to our “Hold Harmless” clause in the “Purpose Of This Book” section of the Beara Sutra™ (Because our attorney advised us to).

#sexyteddybear           Sexy Teddy Bear

#naughtyteddybear      Naughty Teddy Bear

#bearchicabowwow    Bear Chica Bow Wow

#thenaughtybear         The Naughty Bear