Goldilocks and The Four Bears

Goldilocks and The Four Bears

Goldilocks was excited. For all of her 22 years, she had dreamed of finding the right guy. She knew that tonight would be the night. After all, she had been pursued by four wonderful men for months.

Tonight, each had pledged to bring her a gift to broadcast their feelings for her.

About a quarter ‘til seven, the first man arrived at Goldilocks’ apartment. “Goldilocks,” Jonas exclaimed, “It is so good to see you! I have brought you the perfect gift. It is a symbol of how deep my love runs, wider than the biggest seas, taller than the grandest of mountains.”

“I’m flattered, said Goldilocks, “but … where is it?”

“Look outside your window,” Jonas exclaimed.

Goldilocks raced to her window, gazing down at the bustling street below. There she saw Jonas’ car with a trailer and Giant Teddy Bear in tow. It was a mountain of plushness and cuddles … literally. It was larger and wider than the doors to her apartment.

“I couldn’t get the Giant Teddy Bear upstairs,” Jonas confessed.

“This is so thoughtful,” said Goldilocks. “But it is just far too big. I don’t even have an elevator and live on the 12th floor. You are so kind, but this wasn’t really well thought out.”

Later, Goldilocks was at home when Donte came over. When she opened the door, she saw … a Big Teddy Bear. A really big teddy bear. Not anywhere near as large as the Giant Teddy Bear, but still big. She smiled and exclaimed, “Its adorable Donte.” Goldilocks rushed out to embrace the bear but it was – hard. Not squishy or cuddly or soft but hard and lumpy. She started to lift it up and dropped it to the ground, her back aching. “This is sweet, Donte, but I’m afraid the Big Teddy Bear is just too big.”

Later that evening, Stephen arrived. Stephen warmly greeted Goldilocks at the door and handed her a cute little teddy bear made of roses. This Rose Teddy Bear was thoughtful, but Goldilocks immediately knew that Stephen just didn’t really pay attention to her. After all, she hated roses. They were her least favorite flower and so cliché. The Rose Teddy Bear was maybe appropriate for Valentine’s Day at best but just such a blah, traditional gift. Goldilocks immediately knew Stephen just picked the first thing he saw, not thinking of her at all.

Finally, Leonardo showed up. After they greeted warmly, he handed her a cute red gift box. Inside, she found a Naughty Teddy Bear. This was a soft, adorable, 15” inches of sexiness, that smelled oh so good, and came with satin rose petals, and an interesting little Beara Sutra book. “This is for later,” Leonardo said.

Goldilocks was delighted! Finally, a gift that is cute, soft, not the size of a car, romantic, sexy, and thoughtful. While the Giant Teddy Bear, Big Teddy Bear, and Rose Teddy Bear were all not quite right, the  Naughty Teddy Bear was perfect.

As Goldilocks flipped through the Beara Sutra book, she came up with some plans to thank Leonardo later that evening.

 The End…

 Not really 😉 …

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