Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for 2022

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for 2022



If you are in a long-distance relationship, you aren’t alone. In fact, surveys have found that nearly 4 million Americans are in long-distance relationships at any given time. These relationships can have some additional challenges from time to time. Including gift giving. If you are trying to find the best long-distance relationship gift for 2022, here are some great options.

The Traditional Gift – Flowers

Flowers are always a great gift especially when sent out of the blue. This can be a great surprise. Spice up your flower giving by going for something less cliché than the traditional roses. Colorful combinations are great. In fact, you can really spice up the long-distance relationship gift game by giving a succulent, which is easy to care for and increasingly popular.

The Gift of Togetherness – Streaming Service

One of the most difficult things in a long-distance relationship is the lack of quality time. However, being apart doesn’t mean you can’t share memories together. Give your significant other the gift of a streaming service. With many to choose from like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and Sling, you’ll be able to plan virtual movie nights together.

The Nostalgic Gift – Handwritten Note

Want something that your partner will remember? Send an old-fashioned handwritten love letter. If you are the creative type like a songwriter or poet, feel free to add in some prose or lyrics. In today’s world of electronic communication, a handwritten love letter will stand out and be a pleasant surprise. Pair it with a framed photo of the two of you together for an extra touch.

The Supportive Gift – Something Hobby-Related

Everyone loves a partner that is supportive. Chances are your loved one has a number of hobbies. Why not support one of them with a gift? This is a great long-distance relationship gift for 2022 with things opening back up. If they are a runner, maybe a pair of new running shoes. If they like cooking, maybe a new kitchen gadget. If they’re a gamer, grab a new game you think they’ll love.

The Gift of Exploration – Local Gift Cards

If your long-distance relationship is one where your partner has moved to a new city, feel free to encourage their exploration of the new area by sending them gift cards to local restaurants. This is a great way to help them get out and start getting a feel for their new home. Plus, who doesn’t love good food? You could even send them a gift card for a local spa.

The Gift of Anticipation – A Sexy Teddy Bear

With long-distance relationships, your partner is likely missing sexy time with you. A sexy teddy bear makes a great all-around gift. First of all, it’s simply adorable with soft fur and a fragrant scent that will always remind your partner of you. Secondly, it will have your significant other thinking and planning out the extracurricular activities of your next get-together. A sexy teddy bear is truly the best long-distance relationship gift for 2022.

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